Monday, January 21, 2008

Scruffy's Do

Recently, I gave Scruffy a new hairdo. While it is far from professional, it does make him look more puppy-ish. I figured now would be as good a time as any to give you all a glimpse of Scruffy through the ages. And, at the right you can vote for which 'do is your fave. Fun! Behold:

The Ewok.
The original look. This is why he got stuck with the name. But notice the crossed paws and overall casual look, he doesn't seem at all bothered that he can barely see from under those eyebrows. Or the fact that whatever he had gotten into is stuck in his beard.

The Gandolf
This was his first haircut. I guess the groomer thought the beard was really working for him. Maybe she was just trying to balance out the ears.

Haircut #2
Ummm...Not much to say here. He's just too friggin' cute for words.

The Keith Richards
Or, in this case, the "Scruff" Richards.

The Traditional Schnauzer
So shiny. He looks like he's made of metal. He could be the Tin Man's dog. What would he ask the Wizard for?

The Punky Beard
You can't really tell here, but his beard is significantly shorter (and uneven).

So, that's Scruffy through the ages. Be sure to vote for your favorite look and DON'T BE AFRAID TO POST COMMENTS, PEOPLE! Seriously, just click on where it says "comments" and post, post, post. We'd love to hear from you. Dosie has been the only brave and smart soul to do so. You rock, Dose.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Walk through the Wood(working)s

Good day, everyone. Today we will be taking a stroll through some of the handiwork Bones has done since we moved in two years ago. Enjoy!

This is a Celtic knot that Bones hand carved for the living room. Personally, I would have gotten confused and carved where I wasn't supposed to. You would probably also see my blood smeared on it from cutting myself while trying to carve after a couple glasses of wine. So kudos, Bones, kudos to you.

This is a detail from another another hand-carved piece. This one was designed by Bones to match the light fixture. Genius!

These pictures are from our kitchen. I know what you're thinking, Why is everything so red? Well, I'll have you know that the camera didn't do justice to the subtle variations of the shades. If you were here, you would notice how totally different Merlot, Burning Bush, and Penthouse Garnet (ooh la la!) are from one another.

Anyhoozle, notice the noble arch Bones put in. Ignore the missing springer (look it up). Bones is working on carving those pieces.

I'm just going to throw in some "before" photos so you can see the wonders Bones has wrought.

I'm not sure what look the old (literally) owners were going for, but we did keep one element of their decor. See the little knocker on the bathroom door? It says, "Hurry." Ha!

So, that concludes our tour for the day. Hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bones rocks!

Seriously. Check it out.

The date: 2007, December the 29th
The place: Ann Arbor, Michigan
The band: A cello-less Four Disgraces
The event: The 15th anniversary of Deep Space 6
The result: Minds blown
Not only did Bones sing some awesome vocals on a Joe Strummer song, and the band played one of his originals, but they pulled it off with minimal rehearsal. The hippies, the hipsters, the friends, the strangers--they all came out on the dance floor and shook what their mamas gave 'em. It was awesome.

Welcome to the Dog House

Hello everybody!
Doings are a transpiring over here at the House. And, rather than email photos, we figured it would just be easier to post them on the web. Bones is slightly creeped out that anyone can look into our house, but I figure if we keep it clean the only people who will want to see our photos are friends and family.

Our main intent is to show the amazing renovations that Bones has done on this old farmhouse. However, since renovations take some time, I figured that a liberal dose of cuteness may be in order now and then. So, watch for some Scruffy pics! You know you love him. We'll probably throw in whatever else we find exciting or interesting. But, this is mainly about the House. And the dog. But mainly the house. And the dog.

So, stay tuned for the amazing transformation of the Dog House.

The Bathroom is Upgraded One Plane at a Time

I'm going to start with the most recent example of Bones's awesomeness. The bathroom floor! He put in new porcelain tile over the awful "industrial resiliant" tiling we had before. Resiliant against what? Good taste and aesthetics, that's what. Ugh.

But, now I have something pretty to look at besides the shower curtain and the mirror;)

And the crowd roars!!!!!!

PS - Thanks to Mom and Dad Sievers for the handsome vanity. And thanks to Mike and Dawn for the pretty shower curtain mentioned, but not pictured. And, of course, thanks to Barb and Moe Dwyer for making it possible to bathe standing up, aka showering. Seriously, there was no shower in this place until they came over and made it happen.