Sunday, August 1, 2010

Man Cave

So, I've made promise after promise after promise to Bones that I would update the blog to show off the progress he has made on Hudson Mills Manor. But I haven't done it.

Until now.

Look at me! I'm blogging!

But the fact is, Bones was more motivated to work on the house if he thought I would be showing off what he did. Seeing as I'm supposed to be some sort of "writer" or "journalist," it's probably for the best that I keep up. So with no further ado...


Man cave! Man cave! Man cave!

Much like Scruffy, that's just the name that stuck. We are far more creative than the way we name things might let on.

But anyway, here are a few deets.

One of the most important is how difficult it was to get this up. Not in the building sense, but in the red tape sense. Have you ever been red tagged? Meaning that your local government has been snooping in your backyard and discovered that you are building illicit things there?

And by "illicit things" I mean tiny little rooms on the back of your garage.

Red tags suck.

You have to stop building and start going to zoning board meetings.
And by "stop building" I mean cover the work you continue to do with a tarp.

It currently looks unfinished on the inside, which is why I'm refraining from inside shots for now. However, Bones ran the cable out there and we have electricity from the garage.

We had a good thing going with a little TV/DVD player and a refrigerator, but then a storm caused a power surge rendering both appliances useless. Unfortunately, this has lessened the amount of time we hang out there.

Eventually, I would like it to be like a little cabin in the winter. It really has a lovely view. So lovely, I plan on using it as a yoga studio once I can step out in the yard barefoot again without fear of freezing off any toes.

Besides the interior not quite being finished, there is another reason. It comes in the form of a couch, a couch that our neighbor across the street gave us. To save y'all's eyesight, I will only post a small portion of said couch.

It's upside down, but that's how it is on the couch.

Anyway, to help cleanse your visual palate, here is Scruffy checking to see if your eyes are bloodshot after you came home after curfew. (Photo by Jessica Webster Sendra)

You are going to be in such trouble.

Coming up: We go into the closet and other fun!