Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Bathroom is Upgraded One Plane at a Time

I'm going to start with the most recent example of Bones's awesomeness. The bathroom floor! He put in new porcelain tile over the awful "industrial resiliant" tiling we had before. Resiliant against what? Good taste and aesthetics, that's what. Ugh.

But, now I have something pretty to look at besides the shower curtain and the mirror;)

And the crowd roars!!!!!!

PS - Thanks to Mom and Dad Sievers for the handsome vanity. And thanks to Mike and Dawn for the pretty shower curtain mentioned, but not pictured. And, of course, thanks to Barb and Moe Dwyer for making it possible to bathe standing up, aka showering. Seriously, there was no shower in this place until they came over and made it happen.

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Mary Dankoski said...

Pretty impressive! Not just the bathroom floor, but this whole tech-savvy thing you got going. Ann, you are showing your writing skills. I can even handle the pics of Scruffy. Bones, are you for hire? our basement needs work. Payment in beer and food of course!