Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome to the Dog House

Hello everybody!
Doings are a transpiring over here at the House. And, rather than email photos, we figured it would just be easier to post them on the web. Bones is slightly creeped out that anyone can look into our house, but I figure if we keep it clean the only people who will want to see our photos are friends and family.

Our main intent is to show the amazing renovations that Bones has done on this old farmhouse. However, since renovations take some time, I figured that a liberal dose of cuteness may be in order now and then. So, watch for some Scruffy pics! You know you love him. We'll probably throw in whatever else we find exciting or interesting. But, this is mainly about the House. And the dog. But mainly the house. And the dog.

So, stay tuned for the amazing transformation of the Dog House.

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