Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're Crafty!

And we're back! It's been almost a month, people. Didja miss me? I've been super busy, in a good way. Everything's comin' up Ann! Finally. I've got a new, full-time job. The position was just created, so they really have no expectations at this point. I'm also going into grad school in the fall, so you may see or hear less of me than you already do. But don't worry, babies, we'll always have the Doghouse.

One of the other projects that has kept me oh-so busy is the design and creation of curtains for the living room. Finally, it is my chance to shine while also adding to our house. I'm also pretty sure the neighbors across the street will appreciate them. Generally, a grand unveiling means pulling back the curtains. In this case, we're keepin'em closed. Voila!

Grand! It felt really nice to use the sewing machine again. Except for the constant barrage of Project Runway phrases that kept running through my head. Make it work. It looks home-sewn. Fer-osh. And I really think that Tim Gunn would disapprove of my seams. But I don't care. I have curtains.

Believe me, curtains are harder to make than they look. I had an easier time making a formal dress back in high school compared to these unwieldy bolts of cloth.

You may be surprised that it was actually Bones who on his own wandered into a Joanne Fabrics and picked out the fabric. However, I am less than surprised because there is someone who can sew blindstitches around me while blindfolded .

My Father!

Here is a jacket he put together especially for Scruffy:

Here is Scruffy working the haute couture with his Blue Steel gaze.

He is definitely working it.

I also have to show you my practice curtains. And just like the cocktails with a friend you've long parted company with, they were how I was able to reconnect with my sewing machine.

Hee hee. I do believe Bones was the only male in Joanne's that day when we picked out this fabric.
Well ,it's great to be back sharing with y'all, and you guys are going to be stoked, STOKED when you see the latest project that Bones has been working on.

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