Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So obviously many of you are pet owners yourselves, and this got me to thinking...What if instead of constantly barraging you with pictures of Scruffy like some grandmother with a wallet full of pictures and a linty lozenge in her pocket, that I post some of your pets? They would be known as FoSs. Friends of Scruffy.

Just email pictures of your little ones to me at, and I'll post them at my discretion. Right now, it will just be an experiment. Depending on the response, or if someone gets mad at me for not posting darling Rover, or whatever, than I'll stop.
And try not to clog up my email with huge files! And get off my lawn!

Sorry, the inner curmudgeon got out for a second there.

Include some information when you send your pictures. Things like your pet's name (obvy) and their breed. Do their turn-ons include long walks on the beach and fire hydrants? Do their turn-offs include guys who are fake and vacuum cleaners? Whatever you'd like to include.
Ok, this should be fun! (fingers crossed)

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