Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're still kickin'!

This blog is still working, people! In celebration of Bones's BIG birthday, I felt it was time to dust off the ol' blog and get her runnin' again. Of course, the editor was really on my case. He was totally looking over my shoulder the whole time to make sure I stayed focused. I'd say I hate working for him, but he's pretty cute (don't tell my husband!). Here he is now:

Anyway, I can't speak for Bones, but I think he had a pretty terrific birthday. We had some great friends over to help us celebrate on Friday, and to them we say, "Thanks for coming! We don't see you guys enough."

However, it was Bones's family, once again who really came through. Especially his mother, Barb. She not only gave him an early present of a kayak, which by itself is awesome, she also surprised us with a couch! A beautiful black couch that really pulls the room together. Here is Scruffy modeling it for us:

Bones was never sure about the carving because of the black background, but the couch makes it look like it needs to be there. I can't say enough about how well the couch pulls the room together. It balances out the colors, and the leather contrasts the texture of the curtains perfectly.

However, there is an added benefit that we were hoping for that has worked out perfectly. Scruffy spends more time with us AND sleeps in our bed with us again. Although he can't go under this couch, he does have his spots for "Scruffy time."

Thankfully, though, I can say that he goes to those spots less and less. So, Barb, you gave us not only a couch, but more time with our puppy. Best present ever!

But let us not forget about the good times we had on the old couch. Here is one of the last of those good times:

No, Mom, I didn't let him have the bone.

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Laura Jacquez said...

Your new couch is BEAUTIFUL, and though I've always loved the carving, it certainly does pull the room together!
Happy Birthday again, Boney!